February 2021 Newsletter

Here are this month’s headlines:

  • Annual General Meeting and Provincial Council elections
  • Membership renewal & fee
  • Green Party policy on official languages
  • More news from Green MLAs
  • COVID-19 information

First, don’t forget to attend the Budget of Hope - 2021 Pre-Budget Consultation with the Green Caucus on Facebook Live this Tuesday at 7:30 pm (or in French this Thursday at 7 :30 pm).  

Annual General Meeting and Provincial Council elections

The 2021 AGM agenda will be held online on March 20. The AGM will include elections for the Provincial Council, the Party’s governing body. We encourage members interested to take a more active role in the Party to put their name forward. The positions open in 2021 are: President, VP Francophone, Secretary, 4 Members-at-large.

The role and purpose of the Provincial Council is described in our Party’s Constitution, available here. To learn about the positions available and how you can be nominated, contact Nomination Committee members (Nicolas Jelic, Sarah Colwell, and John Sabine ) at [email protected] or Tom McLean at [email protected].

Membership renewal & fee: renew soon!

As the party continues to grow the Provincial Council looks for ways to support that growth and the membership. With that in mind we are introducing (1) an annual membership renewal and (2) a membership fee.

Annual Membership Renewal

We use the membership list to ensure you can participate as a member including notice of member meetings, voting at member meetings, participation in policy development, and many more. Recently the Provincial Council determined that implementing an annual membership renewal would greatly help in ensuring the accuracy of our ever lengthening membership list. By taking action to reaffirm your membership once a year, you are assured that the information we have on file for you is correct and we are assured that you remain committed to the party and its principles.

Please renew as soon as possible so the membership list will be up-to-date in preparation for the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, March 20. Renew your membership by going to the membership renewal page on our website greenpartynb.ca. Prior to the anniversary date, you will automatically receive a reminder to renew again.

Membership Fee

We take pride in that fact that we run a very efficient organization due to the efforts of our volunteers and staff. That said, a modest $10 membership fee will go a long way in ensuring we can cover our ever increasing administration costs which include the cost of maintaining an accurate, efficient and robust membership list. The decision to introduce a membership fee was not taken lightly. We appreciate your support in this matter. The annual fee will be collected when you renew your membership.

We do not want this fee to be a barrier to membership. If you feel that is the case then please let us know and we will waive the fee. Simply send an email to [email protected] specifying your request with the completed membership form or simply call the office at 506-447-8499 (toll free 1-888-662-8683).

Your membership, participation and support are essential, and we value them all highly.

Thank you.
Tom McLean
President, Parti Vert NB Green Party

Green Party policy on official languages

The policy manual of the Green Party of New Brunswick has a chapter titled Equality of the English and French Linguistic Communities. It contains a review of the Constitutional rights of the linguistic communities in New Brunswick and Green Party policies on duality, cultural diversity, and official bilingualism. The policy manual is available here.

As New Brunswick prepares for the review of the Official Languages Act, our Green MLAs have been speaking out about the proposed plans. Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon says that a public review should be conducted by a committee of the Legislature, not by commissioners appointed by the Premier.

 “MLAs are the lawmakers in this Province, and it should be MLAs who recommend to the Legislative Assembly how the Official Languages Act can be improved to advance the equality of New Brunswick’s two official languages and two official language communities,” said Coon in a recent statement.

Kent North Green MLA Kevin Arseneau had proposed a Standing Committee on Official Languages 18 months ago. Last month, Arseneau explained: “The advantage of the Standing Committee is it would have a life beyond the review so that we continue to strive for equality, not just every 10 years.”

Read the full statement here:

Coon says Official Languages Act Review should be Conducted by Legislators

More news from Green MLAs

The Legislative Assembly will return on February 8, a delayed start after the December recess due to extensive renovations in the building housing several key operations. In January, our Green MLAs continued to make public statements on issues of concern in the province. Click on the headline below to read the statements:

Green Party leader says New Brunswick has fallen short on climate commitments

Green Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries critic Statement on Local Food and Beverage Strategy

Green Party Leader Calls for Public Funding of Public Transportation

Green party leader says cuts to bus services will reduce access to healthcare for some New Brunswickers

Green party leader calls on Premier to use carbon windfall to keep buses on the roads 

Greens Call for Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister to Resign

Through the pandemic, Green MLAs continue to serve the needs of their constituents. Here is the link to the hours and contact details for the constituency offices of David, Megan and Kevin: https://greencaucusvert.ca/fr/contact-us/

COVID-19 information

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, consult the Government of Canada and Government of New Brunswick's COVID-19 pages.

Stay safe. Stay strong.
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