• August 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · July 31, 2023 11:51 AM

    It is hard to believe, but I have just reached my 6 month mark as Executive Director of this awesome Party! I have been so thrilled with the progress we’ve made as a Party so far this year. We have run 3 very successful by-election campaigns. We held our first in-person Annual General Meeting since the Covid pandemic, and in-person events all over the province. We have seen historic fundraising. And we have grown our staff and volunteer teams. I am so grateful to each of you for your part in this success.

    Let’s continue to build on that progress! Because given the political turmoil we saw this Spring, an early election call is certainly a possibility. And we need to be ready. As you may know, the new riding boundaries are coming into effect for the next provincial election. Our regional mobilizers have been busy recruiting members to hold executive positions on their Registered District Associations (RDAs) across the province. RDAs are the local, grassroots foundations of our party and they are vital to building our on-the-ground support. 

    I encourage you to join your local RDA by becoming a member of the Green Party of New Brunswick. If you are already a member, consider volunteering for an executive position on your RDA as the President, Secretary, Official Representative, or a number of other roles.  

    My first experience with the Green Party of New Brunswick was attending an AGM for the riding of Fredericton-South where I was asked to serve a term as the RDA President. I am so grateful for that opportunity because I got to learn more about the Party, the democratic process, and meet so many inspiring people.

    Participatory democracy is one of our core principles, and that is why I am calling on all our supporters to get involved in the democratic process by joining their local RDAs so that we can strengthen the grassroots foundation of our party in every riding across the province.

    Enjoy the newsletter and I hope you consider joining your local RDA,



    Claire Kelly-Orozco

    Executive Director of the Green Party of New Brunswick



    In This Issue:

    • Staff Appreciation Spotlight
    • Call for Candidates
    • Get Involved
    • Catch David on the Road


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  • July 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · June 30, 2023 9:06 PM

    Happy Canada Day!

    Today is a day to reflect on what it means to be Canadian, what our values are, and what unites us as a country. The last few years have been tumultuous for Canadians and New Brunswickers alike. As a country, we mourned the tragedies that occurred in Canada’s residential schools, our healthcare systems were pushed to their limits by a pandemic, and climate change continues to impact communities across Canada, including here in New Brunswick. 

    This Canada Day, I invite you to consider what kind of Canada we want to leave behind to future generations. Canada should be a place that makes all people feel safe and at home. We must ask ourselves what we value as Canadians, and what direction we want our country to go. 

    Let’s work together to make our beautiful corner of Canada a more inclusive, welcoming, safe, and healthy place for all people who call this land home. 


    Enjoy the newsletter,


    David Coon

    Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick



    In This Issue:

    • Welcome Our New Admin, Mariana 
    • Volunteer Spotlight: Carl and Karen Duivenvoorden
    • Upcoming Events: Fredericton Pride Parade
    • Catch David on the Road
    • MLAs in Action

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  • June 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · May 31, 2023 5:10 PM

    The days are getting longer and summer is just around the corner in New Brunswick!

    We are very excited for the months ahead. We have the wind in our sails as we prepare for the next provincial election and begin building teams to run successful campaigns. More and more New Brunswickers are looking to the Green Party of New Brunswick to lead us through the challenges of our time. Our principles and policies resonate with people across the province, in francophone, anglophone, urban, and rural communities. As electoral pundits recently highlighted, we are the second party for the francophone community based on the last by-elections! 

    Our Green MLAs continue to stand up for the issues that matter, from pushing back against the government’s plan to bring fracking to our province, to protecting Policy 713 and LGBTQ2S+ students, to standing up for our teachers and healthcare professionals, and so much more. These are the issues that matter to us, because we are the party that puts people before politics. 

    Your support is critical to the success of our party. We have an objective to raise $70,000 by the end of June in order to improve our communication capacity and improve the quality of our work to better represent you and our community. Your donation helps us raise the funds necessary to hire more staff to do that work. If you can chip in, that would be incredible!

    Nicolas Jelic

    Fundraising chair for the Green party of New Brunswick


    In This Issue:

    • Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Ann Coleman
    • Staff Appreciation Spotlight: Betania Bertone
    • Upcoming Events
      • Solar Open House
    • Get Involved
      • Join your local RDA
    • MLAs in Action

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  • May 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · April 30, 2023 5:17 PM

    I’m Trevor Pinsonneault, the recently-elected President of the Green Party of New Brunswick. First, I want to say a huge thank you to outgoing President, Nicolas Jelic, for his outstanding dedication to our party. Nicolas has gone above and beyond to help grow our party into the organization it is today, and I am so grateful for all his hard work and building on his accomplishments.

    Last month was a big month for us. Not only did we hold our first in-person AGM since before the Covid pandemic, we also ran three very successful by-election campaigns. Serge Brideau, Rachel Boudreau, and Chantal Landry all came in a strong second place in their ridings, growing the Green vote to 35%, 32%, and 19%, respectively. 

    I have served on the provincial council as a councilor at large for the last 2 years. During that time, I have enjoyed working with like-minded Greens and watching our party grow. I hope to continue working with our caucus, members, staff, and of course our new provincial council to strengthen our engagement and set us up for success in 2024 and beyond. 

    Enjoy the newsletter!


    Trevor Pinsonneault,

    President of the Green Party of New Brunswick


    In This Issue:

    • Volunteer Spotlight: By-election Volunteers
    • Staff Appreciation Spotlight: Claire Kelly-Orozco
    • Upcoming Events
      • Run for Women - Moncton
      • Green Your Spring - Sussex
    • Provincial Council Corner
      • Thank you to outgoing members
      • Congratulations to newly-elected members
    • Get Involved
      • Donate
      • Volunteer
      • Become a member
    • MLAs in Action
      • David's Earth Day Blog Post
      • Megan Mitton asks government to clarify stance on fracking
      • Kevin Arseneau discusses food security for families
    • Press Releases
      • By-election results

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  • April 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · March 30, 2023 10:34 PM

    The 2023 by-elections have been called for Monday, April 24!

    Rachel Boudreau, the former Mayor of Petit-Rocher, nurse and entrepreneur, is already knocking on doors in Restigouche-Chaleur - a riding where Greens came in a strong second place with nearly 28% of the vote in the 2020 election. 

    Chantal Landry, former Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Moncton and teacher at NBCC, is bringing her extensive experience in leadership, management, and community-building into provincial politics as the candidate for the Dieppe by-election - another riding where we had a breakthrough in 2020. 

    The momentum is building steadily in our party. We have already demonstrated that Greens can win. Now, we need to show voters that we are serious about forming government. With your support, we can elect more Green MLAs in this by-election and then build on that momentum to win even more seats in the 2024 provincial election.

    You are all welcome to attend our heartfelt reunion, our AGM, on April 29, to meet like-minded greens and your favorite MLAs. Registration is simple - sign up or renew your membership and register to our AGM by Saturday, April 15

    Change is on the horizon in New Brunswick. This is our time to get organized and take action.

    Enjoy the newsletter,


    Nicolas Jelic

    President of the Green Party of New Brunswick


    In This Issue:

    • Staff Appreciation Spotlight: Amanda Wildeman
    • Upcoming Events
      • By-election on April 24 
      • Annual General Meeting on April 29
      • Run for Women in Moncton 
    • Get Involved
      • Provincial Council elections
      • Renew your membership to join your local RDA
    • MLAs in Action
      • Megan Mitton calls on government to declare a climate emergency 
      • Kevin Arseneau opposes the 2023-2024 budget
      • David Coon continues to push for affordable housing, expansion of midwife project
    • Press Releases


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  • March 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · March 01, 2023 10:20 AM

    Next month, we will be holding our 2023 Annual General Meeting on April 29 in Saint John. We hope this year’s AGM will be a moment for Greens across the province to come together (either in person or online) to reconnect and rekindle our vision for a brighter, healthier future for New Brunswick. 

    You are invited to get involved by renewing your membership, joining your local RDA (Registered District Association), volunteering in one of the upcoming by-elections, or nominating yourself or someone you know to serve a term on Provincial Council in one of the vacant positions. Joining Provincial Council is a great way to get to know how the party works, meet and work with like-minded Green members, and apply your skills and experience 

    We hope this year’s AGM will inspire and motivate you as we work to lift one another up, grow our organization and our membership, and fight for the changes we know are so badly needed in this province. 


    Enjoy the newsletter,

    Ryan Spencer

    GPNB Provincial Council - Treasurer


    In This Issue:

    • Staff Appreciation Spotlight: Marie Christine Allard
    • Upcoming Events
      • So you want to elect a Green MLA? (with Megan Mitton!) on March 8
      • AGM on April 29
    • Get Involved
      • Seeking candidates for Upcoming By-elections
      • Provincial Council Nominations - Last Call!
      • Seeking a Youth Rep
      • Renew your membership to join your local RDA
    • MLAs in Action
      • Update on David’s Sick Days Bill
      • Megan Mitton’s Climate Change Committee Work 
      • David Coon’s State of the Province Series


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  • February 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · February 02, 2023 1:54 PM

    Hello New Brunswick Greens! I am so very excited to start in this role of Executive Director – to support our Green MLAs in the Legislature, the hard-working volunteers and RDAs we have across the province, and to invite even more New Brunswickers to get involved with the Green Party!

    For those of you who do not know me, I am a bilingual immigration consultant, environmental activist, feminist, determined optimist, and two-time Green Party candidate. I have lived and worked across Canada and abroad, but I have spent most of my life in this beautiful province and consider myself a proud maritimer and New Brunswicker. 

    While immigration and international education have been the primary focus of my career path, after the IPCC report was released in October 2018, stating that we had 12 years (now 7) to limit global warming and prevent catastrophe, I decided to get involved in Canadian politics. I began by serving as the RDA President of Fredericton South, and then ran as the Green candidate in my hometown of Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe in the 2019 federal election. Together, our team managed to quadruple the Green vote, putting us in a strong 3rd place. 

    Determined to keep the momentum going, I helped form a historic slate of women candidates for the Green Party in the Moncton region for the 2020 provincial election, landing two in 2nd place. After the election, I co-founded Femmocracy Now to encourage more women to get involved in politics, and was extremely proud when Melyssa Boudreau (a Green volunteer in 2019 and provincial candidate in 2020) won her seat in Dieppe as a City Councillor. I hope to use the political skills, experience and enthusiasm I have gained these past 5 years to accelerate the Green momentum we’ve built together and elect more Greens to enact meaningful change.

    I have been so impressed with the work that David, Megan, and Kevin have been doing in the Legislature, and I look forward to supporting all of the caucus priorities of our hardworking MLAs. I am particularly passionate about addressing the urgent healthcare crisis, the current debate about language equality in our education system, affordable housing, and ensuring a just energy transition to fight climate change while protecting workers’ rights. 

    I look forward to working with you to help build our grassroots momentum by strengthening RDAs, empowering local communities and volunteers, and of course, highlighting the voices of women and minorities and advancing Indigenous reconciliation. 

    Now is the time to get involved. Join me as we gear up and get organized over these crucial next months to choose candidates, inspire voters, and run successful and competitive campaigns in the upcoming 2024 election. Change is coming to New Brunswick and I am calling on you to be a part of it. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Claire Kelly-Orozco

    Executive Director


    In this issue:

    • Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Allain
    • Upcoming Events
      • So You Want To Elect A Green MLA? Zoom Workshop February 6
      • Snowshoeing near Fredericton February 11
      • Quarterly Leader’s Update February 22
      • AGM April 29
    • Get Involved
      • Provincial Council Nominations
      • Submit a policy resolution
      • Renew your membership to join your local RDA
    • MLAs In Action
      • Update on the Sick Days Bill
      • French Immersion Public Consultations


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  • January 2023 Newsletter

    Posted by · January 07, 2023 11:11 PM

    Happy New Year and welcome to our first newsletter of the year! We look forward to bringing you all the news and events as we dive into 2023.

    First and foremost, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Executive Director, who will be officially introduced on January 23. We are confident that she will bring new momentum and fresh ideas to our team. 

    We are also pleased to welcome our new administrative assistant, Betania Bertone, from Brazil. Please feel free to call her in the afternoon to welcome her or send her an email ([email protected]). We would like to thank Kaely Scott for all her hard work over the past few years.

    In April, we will be holding our AGM, where we will be renewing part of our Provincial Council. This event will be an opportunity to meet in person (and/or virtually), to discuss our plans for 2023 and for the upcoming provincial election.

    At the end of winter, we will also have by-elections in the ridings of Dieppe, Restigouche West, Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore. We are counting on your support and involvement for these crucial elections.

    Finally, you will read that our MLAs are working tirelessly in the Fredericton Legislature to defend the values of our party and the common good of our citizens. 

    Together, let's make 2023 a year of progress for the Green Party of New Brunswick and for our community!

    Enjoy the newsletter!


    Nicolas Jelic

    President, Green Party of New Brunswick


    In this issue:

    • Fundraising update
    • Provincial Council Corner
    • Get Involved
      • Join Provincial Council!
      • Events: 
        • So you want to elect a Green MLA (3rd session) - January 26
        • Zoom Trivia Night! - January 31
        • Leader's Quarterly Update - February 22
    • Green MLAs in Action - Paid Sick Days Bill

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  • December 2022 Newsletter

    Posted by · November 30, 2022 11:36 PM

    There’s a lot going on in New Brunswick.

    Like many of you, we teeter between moments of overwhelm and moments of fire-in-the-belly deep desire to fight for a better province.

    Does this feeling resonate?

    But as we witness the needs getting greater in NB - whether in health care or housing to name a few - we also feel a greater responsibility to step up with strong Green solutions and send more Green MLAs to the Legislature.

    We have launched our year-end fundraiser with the goal of having $500,000 in the bank by 2024.

    We have the solutions, we have momentum, and we have a strong team. Now, we need even more people power and more funds to make it happen!

    Will you make a one-time or monthly donation? 

    Would you be willing to start organizing locally to elect a Green MLA in 2024?

    What are you able to contribute to our movement?

    Let's build hope together as we work for a better New Brunswick.

    See you soon.

    Amanda  Wildeman

    Fundraising Coordinator, GPNB

    Marie-Christine Allard

    Communications Coordinator, GPNB


    In this issue:

    • Provincial Council Corner
    • Volunteer Spotlight: Simon Chiasson-St-Coeur
    • Get involved!
    • Green MLAs in action
    • GPNB Press Releases

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  • November 2022 Newsletter

    Posted by · November 02, 2022 12:43 PM

    October has been an exciting month for the Green Party of New Brunswick.

    David Coon's 10-year leader's tour and celebration has given our members all over the province an injection of energy to plan and fund-raise, looking ahead to the election in two years.

    My own RDA, Carleton 45, has held three events  since the end of August: a canoe trip down the Wolastoq/St. John; a corn boil, and a book reading event. We have some plans in the works for the winter. The idea is to work together to boost the visibility of the riding. We won't find a strong candidate if we don't have a strong team of Greens to back them, will we? 

    Now is the time to start thinking about the election.

    Now is the time to pull together as a riding association.

    Now is the time to plan and fundraise, so that when election time comes, our communities will know us as the party with the answers.

    Many hands make light work.

    What skill can we bring to our RDA?

    Together we can generate the spark we need to draw in new members and invigorate those who have been labouring quietly for a green New Brunswick.

    Rebecca Blaevoet

    VP English, Green Party of New Brunswick

    Official Representative, Carleton, Riding 45

    In this issue:

    • Provincial Council Corner
    • Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie Chandler
    • Get Involved:
      • Leader’s Quarterly Update (Online) - November 9
      • Focus on RDAs - Zoom event (Online) - November 23
      • Help us find our new Executive Director
      • Volunteer for GPNB
      • Working group on Tax reform and Green New Deal
    • Green MLAs in action

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