Creating green jobs and local enterprise should be New Brunswick’s economic strategy

(Saint John) Green Leader David Coon released his party’s economic development strategy today, saying the mission of government should be to help communities and businesses create jobs for a made-in-New Brunswick, greener economy.

The Green Party leader says that 10% shift in consumer spending on imported goods and services to New Brunswick-made products would create 14,000 jobs and add $1.8 billion to the provincial economy annually.

“The Green Party platform contains a practical, achievable plan that will strengthen local economies in both our rural communities and our cities,” says Coon, “a plan that stops the flow of government subsidies to a handful of large corporations.”

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Highlights of the Green Party economic development commitments include:

  • Redirect loan guarantees and payroll rebates from supporting large, profitable corporations, to local enterprises.
  • Develop an import substitution strategy that would increase the local production of essential goods and services.
  • Consolidate the various economic development agencies into a Department of Community and Rural Development.

The full platform can be found here:

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Media Contact: Shannon Carmont
[email protected]