Conservatives and Liberals don’t Value the Civil Service


FREDERICTON - Undermining the civil service will be the final blow to the province’s disastrous financial state, according to Jim Wolstenholme, Green Party candidate in Fredericton-Silverwood. The former Assistant Deputy Minister of Health sees a very grim future for the province if either status quo party forms government and pursues an agenda of axing talented civil servants. He hopesNew Brunswickers understand and grasp the difference between easy headlines and hard reality.

“We live in a near bankrupt province that has the highest illiteracy rate in the country, a stagnant record on economic development, out of control health care costs, dramatically rising energy costs. The solution according to Premier Graham and David Alward is to inflict death by a thousand cuts to the civil service,” said Wolstenholme. “Good governance is firmly grounded in the ability, experience, knowledge and understanding of those who serve the public. To undermine and devalue this human resource is the ultimate betrayal of citizens’ expectations, hopes and ultimately their trust in government.”

Of the Conservative approach, Wolstenholme said, “David Alward is prepared to risk the quality and effectiveness of public programs that benefit the people of the province by an accelerated retirement program that would save a minimal amount in the context of current deficit levels.”

The Green Party recognizes that government expenditures need to be reigned in, however, Wolstenholme said, “only the Green Party appears to appreciate the magnitude of the challenges that lie ahead for a new government and the key roles that will be played by civil servants in planning and implementing change.”

The Fredericton-Silverwood candidate continued: “The Liberals by saying that they will not fill vacancies resulting from retirements, hold annual government spending increases to one percent and exclude health and education programs from any restraint are indicating that they will also reduce the size of the civil service.”

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