Confronting The Climate Emergency

Climate change is not something around the corner, it’s already here, and we’re already suffering. As climate change unfolds before our eyes, home and property insurance is becoming unaffordable or unavailable due to storm and flooding damage. This is only going to get worse. Protecting people and communities from severe weather must be a top priority.

A Green government would:

  • Ensure municipalities have well-funded plans for dealing with severe weather, flooding, drought, wildfires and other climate-related problems.
  • Preserve wetlands and flood plains and ban large forest clear-cuts to buffer against heavy rains, flooding, and sea level rise.
  • Investigate each major flood event to identify contributing factors and incorporate lessons learned into adaptation plans.
  • Provide affordable public insurance for home and property owners that covers damages private insurers will not cover. This would replace the emergency funds now provided.

Climate scientists warn the world needs to cut climate-changing pollution by half by 2030, and get to zero by 2050, or risk runaway global warming.  New Brunswick needs to get on board with these global targets. We have a Climate Change Act that lays out some strong pollution reduction targets and actions to get us started. But neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have done anything to implement it.

A Green government would meet our legally binding targets with a combination of actions to reduce pollution while building resilient, local economies.