Climate Action Now!


It's time to take action, future generations depend on it! The transition to renewable energy must start today. New Brunswickers want a sustainable and stable economy.

60% of New Brunswickers believe protecting the climate is more important than building the Energy East pipeline and further developing the tarsands
78% want citizens to have a say in decision-making about projects like the tarsands and Energy East
70% of Canadians believe that we should be global leaders in protecting the climate by reducing our energy consumption
100% renewable energy by 2050, it's 100% POSSIBLE
On November 29, 2015, thousands of Canadians took part in various outreach activities to urge action on global warming in the context of The Paris UN Climate Conference. Younger and older people, ethnics groups and First Nations, everyone was there. We will get things moving if we work together.
“This discussion is really about transformation. It means changing our patterns of production and consumption and land use on a scale that is large and transformative,” said David Coon, Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and Fredericton south MLA “In the Maritimes we have a tremendous opportunity because of our size and because of the work that is already being done in terms of building solar homes and manufacturing clean technology.”
Support green initiatives in NB, it's 100% possible! Say YES to an economy 100% clean!
Let's show our support to David Coon !!
Take Action, Add your voice!