Green Party of New Brunswick welcomes Claire Kelly-Orozco as new Executive Director

(Fredericton) The Green Party of New Brunswick is thrilled to welcome Claire Kelly-Orozco as the new executive director of the party.   


Claire Kelly-Orozco brings a wide range of political experience as a two time candidate, former riding president, member of the Federal Shadow Cabinet, and co-founder of Femmocracy Now.  As a professional immigration consultant she has a breadth of experience working with people from all backgrounds.


“I love New Brunswick and I share the vision of our Green MLAs and our party – of a vibrant province where we can all thrive. I am very excited to be coming home to take on this role.” says Kelly-Orozco. “I have been impressed with the hard work that David, Megan, and Kevin have been doing in the Legislature and want to see them joined by even more Green MLAs in 2024. Working for the New Brunswick Green Party is a chance to combine my passion and my experience to help that become a reality.” 


“With Claire’s management experience, and with her background in political organizing,I look forward to working with her to present the Greens as an alternative to the old-line parties in the 2024 election,” says Green Party leader David Coon.  “We placed 2nd in 12 ridings in the 2020 snap election, and see nothing but  potential for the 2024 election.  Claire is the right person to help us meet our goals.”


“Claire is engaged, passionate and determined to empower the members of our communities.  I believe she has all the necessary qualities to guide the future success of the Green Party of New Brunswick,” says Nicolas Jelic, party president.

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