Changing health picture to be studied

13 AUGUST 2010

The Daily Gleaner 
Published Wednesday August 11th, 2010


Changing health picture to be studied

..the Green party has vowed to open community health centres across the province.

Jim Wolstenholme, the Green party candidate for Fredericton-Silverwood, said Tuesday's announcement amounts to no commitment at all.

"It's an election-type tactic of saying something, but not doing anything."

Wolstenholme, a former assistant deputy minister of health, said the parties should avoid piecemeal promises that go community-by-community.

"We have problems of access to primary care and services that are provincewide.''

Wolstenholme said the government should be looking to set up collaborative care clinics across the province to offer extended hours to users and provide family-based lifestyle education programs to help with issues such as diabetes management and obesity among young people.

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