Greens come in strong second place in 3 by-elections

The Green Party of New Brunswick had a strong showing in three closely contested by-elections, proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the North. 


April 25, 2023


Greens came in a strong second place in all three by-elections, setting the stage for another showdown between the Greens and Liberals in the upcoming general election. Greens proved themselves to be a formidable force, especially in the North, gaining support in all three ridings which until now had been considered Liberal strongholds. 


The Green Party of New Brunswick fielded three strong candidates in the by-elections. Serge Brideau received 35% of the vote in Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore, Rachel Boudrau received 32%  in Restigouche-Chaleur, and Chantal Landry received 19% in Dieppe. 


“I want to congratulate Rachel Boudreau, Serge Brideau, and Chantal Landry on running very effective campaigns. They have proven that Greens are a force to be reckoned with,” said Green Party leader, David Coon. “Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who showed up to help our candidates. The work you have put in over these last few weeks has put these ridings in a position to win in 2024.”


“More and more voters are looking for change, and change for the better is what the Green Party of New Brunswick is offering. Our party is growing in every corner of the province, because our values resonate with all New Brunswickers, regardless of what language they speak, or where they live,” said Coon.


The Green Party of New Brunswick has seen steady growth in support in both French and English parts of the province, coming in second place in 12 ridings in the last general election.


Greens currently hold 3 seats in the Legislature as the third largest party in New Brunswick. The recent growth in voter support is a welcome sign to voters hoping to elect a Green MLA in their ridings in the next general election. 


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Executive Director of the NB Green Party


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