Building Good Government

Citizens expect and need a democracy that works well, particularly in times of crisis. This means leaving no one behind. It means that everyone’s opinion counts and is valued, but also it means more transparency.  Our current system of government needs to be more responsive to citizens. 

A Green government would:

  • Replace local service districts (LSD) with local municipalities governed by elected councils.
  • Allow municipalities to play a greater role in economic development, immigration and tourism.
  • Implement a proportional representation voting system to ensure that the Legislature would more closely reflect the popular vote. After two elections, citizens would be asked to decide through a referendum if they wish to keep the voting system or not. 
  • Lower the legal voting age to 16 years, and incorporate civics and citizenship courses by the 9th grade.
  • Strengthen the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act to increase transparency.
  • Restore freedom of the press by prohibiting cross-ownership of media and non-media businesses, and by banning media monopolies.
  • Require any spending proposal not included in the budget to be voted on in the Legislature.
  • Strengthen the protection of whistleblowers within the civil service.