Building a National Climate Strategy: Some Ideas for Premier Gallant

26 FEBRUARY 2016

Part V: Building a New Vision for Housing

Fredericton – On March 3rd, Premier Gallant will participate in a First Ministers conference hosted by Prime Minister Trudeau to discuss a national climate action strategy. David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick has some suggestions for Premier Gallant.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to help New Brunswickers reduce their carbon footprint in their homes with the right mix of incentives and standards,” said Coon. “We still don’t have a legally binding provincial building code, which could ensure new homes are built to high standards of energy efficiency, because government has refused to proclaim the New Brunswick Building Code Act that was adopted by the Legislative Assembly in 2009.”

In addition to implementing New Brunswick’s Building Code Act, the Green Party leader says it’s time to set targets to upgrade our housing stock and provide the necessary incentives to reach them.

“When the government dismantled Efficiency New Brunswick last year, we lost an important tool to help New Brunswickers do their part to shrink their carbon footprint, while at the same time cutting their energy costs and providing work for local people,” said Coon. “My Green Jobs Bill would create Renew NB out of the ashes of Efficiency New Brunswick to provide broader and more effective support for New Brunswickers to improve their homes and adopt clean technologies”, said Coon.

According to the Green Party leader, the Premier should make it a priority in his discussions with the other First Ministers to obtain a federal-provincial agreement for New Brunswick that would provide funds to help New Brunswickers eliminate energy waste in their homes.