Budget Cuts Assistance for Heating Costs and Increases Corporate Hand-Outs

04 FEBRUARY 2014

Instead of giving New Brunswick families a hand-up with their heating bills by expanding grants for upgrading insulation and heating systems, Green Party Leader David Coon says this year's provincial budget is putting the money into corporate hand-outs instead.

"The decision to cut $3 million from Efficiency New Brunswick's budget for home conservation grants, and increase Invest NB's budget for corporate hand-outs by the same amount gives us a good idea where this government's priorities lie," said Green Party Leader David Coon. "At a time when we are all facing eye-popping heating bills, the Alward government is taking money away from us that we could use to cut our heating costs, and giving it away to profitable corporations. It doesn't make any sense," said Coon.


Efficiency New Brunswick's grants and loans have helped 30,000 families cut their energy bills by almost 25%, saving them $30 million ever year. Almost $300 million was invested in the New Brunswick economy in the purchase of building materials, equipment and contracting services to achieve these savings. And those energy savings eliminate 160,000 tonnes of carbon pollution each year.

"Public investment in energy efficiency creates more economic development per dollar than any other type of investment government makes, and it's green development," said Coon. "Slashing Efficiency New Brunswick's budget by 25% could cripple the service it provides to New Brunswickers and the contribution it makes to our prosperity," said Coon.