Ban Spraying in New Brunswick

The World Health Organization deemed glyphosate “probably carcinogenic to humans” in 2015.

David Coon and the member for Restigouche West tabled the largest petition in the history of the Legislative Assembly with 35,607 signatures asking for the spraying to end; 

$2.5 million tax dollars were used to pay for spraying on crown lands in 2016; with approximately $9.6M being spent between the years 2013-2016;

The provincial government responded positively over widespread concerns about the use of the herbicide over 200 products containing 2,4-D by banning it in 2009;

Quebec has banned the use of glyphosate for forestry operations on Crown/unceded land in that province ;

David has been and continues to be the only MLA calling for a ban on the use of glyphosate. 

During his speech in the legislature, David recounted some of the most current scientific data countering the use of glyphosate. For the full speech, click here.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Government of New Brunswick ban the aerial application of glyphosate in the province.








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