April 2021 Newsletter

Provincial Council 2021



This month’s headlines:

  • AGM results
  • New Provincial Council members elected
  • News from Green MLAs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Green Party principle: Local Autonomy
  • Green Party news from around the world
  • COVID-19 information

AGM results

More than 70 members gathered (virtually) on March 20 for our successful 2021 AGM. This was our second AGM held online during the pandemic, and we learned from last year’s feedback. This year we had more member engagement and scheduled time for policy resolutions.

More than 90% of participants who responded to this year's feedback survey agreed that attending the event worthwhile and, of those, 62% strongly agreed. The survey revealed that members attending were most interested in the presentations by the Party leader, president, executive director and treasurer. Their reports to members underlined the positive growth of the Party through increased membership and increased votes during the 2020 election that resulted in decisive wins for all three incumbent Green MLAs as well as 18 second place finishes.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s AGM! We look forward to making the next AGM even better by using your suggestions for improvement. Fingers crossed that next year’s event will be in-person.

New Provincial Council members elected

Congratulations to the Party members newly elected to Provincial Council positions:

  • President: Nicolas Jelic, Moncton
  • Vice-President Francophone: Christelle Léger, Dieppe
  • Secretary: Emerald Gibson, Hoyt
  • Members at Large:
    • Eric Allain, Dieppe
    • Trevor Pinsonneault, Sackville
    • Rachel Pletz, Moncton
    • Tim Thompson, Fredericton

The new council members join the returning Provincial Council members:

  • Leader: David Coon, Fredericton
  • Vice-President Anglophone: Burt Folkins, Mazerolle Settlement
  • Official Representative: Dave Wagner, Fredericton
  • Treasurer: Jody Middleton, Nauwigewauk
  • Youth representative: Mitchell Simon, Elsipogtog
  • Members at Large:
    • Bruce Dryer, Lower Greenwich
    • Claire Ephestion, Dieppe
    • Catherine Priemer, Sackville
    • John Sabine, Hampton

News from Green MLAs 

March was a busy time for our Green MLAs with the provincial budget and many other issues of concern to all New Brunswickers. Click on the headlines below for information:

Green MLA Megan Mitton tables motion to tackle sexual violence in New Brunswick

Green Party Leader calls for a public inquiry into the handling of suicidal youth by the province’s ERs

Green Environment critic denounces misspending of carbon tax revenue

Green MLA Megan Mitton breaking barriers for women in New Brunswick

Statement from the Green Party Leader on International Women’s Day

Green Caucus weighs in on first day of health review

Videos of the budget speeches and other interventions in the Legislature by David, Kevin and Megan are on the Green Caucus Youtube channel, here. Among the dozens of videos posted for the month of March are:

Volunteer opportunities

The Green Party is looking for volunteers for the following roles

  • Fundraising strategy committee (maximum five committee members)
  • Technology solutions (Website reconfiguration and/or Microsoft/Google developer knowledge).

Contact the Green Party office (506-447-8499 or [email protected]) to discuss these opportunities.

Green Party principle: Local Autonomy

As a condition of membership, all Party members agree to the six Green Party principles. This month we feature the principle of local autonomy:

  • New Brunswick communities must be in charge of their own destiny to the greatest extent possible. Resilient, sustainable communities require economies that meet local needs and are locally controlled, minimizing dependency on external forces.

  • Self-reliance and resilience is built on public assets placed in the hands of and dedicated to the service of local communities.

  • Local self-reliance is integral to the shift to a society which respects the ecological and social limits of human production.

Green Party news from around the world

The Green Party of New Brunswick is part of a global Green movement of people who share common values and political goals. This month we bring you positive news from Greens in Baden-Württemberg, in Germany. On March 15, the Greens received almost 33% of the vote and will continue to lead a coalition government in that province of more than 11 million people.

Legislative Assembly and contacting your Green MLA

The members of the Legislative Assembly will return on May 11. If you would like to receive weekly updates of the activities of Green MLAs when the Legislature is in session, subscribe to the e-bulletin, Legislative Week in Review, here.

Through the pandemic, Green MLAs continue to serve the needs of their constituents. Here is the link to the hours and contact details for the constituency offices of David, Megan and Kevin: greencaucusvert.ca/contact-us.

COVID-19 information

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, consult the Government of Canada and Government of New Brunswick's COVID-19 pages.