Andrew Clark looks to once again run as Green candidate in Carleton

May 19, 2015

Simonds resident Andrew Clark hopes to get another chance at running for the provincial Green party in the Carleton 45 riding.

In a press release on Friday, Clark announced he will offer his name for nomination as the Green candidate in the upcoming byelection.

Clark, a well-known forestry contractor and woodlot owner, is a founding member and past president of the Carleton-Victoria Wood Producer’s Association.

He also served as past president of the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners, and a former member of the local district education council.

In last October’s provincial election Clark finished third, with 750 votes for 10.5 per cent of votes cast, behind runaway winner former premier David Al-ward, who garnered 56.8 per cent and Liberal Tom Reid with 22.2 per cent.

Clark’s support in the riding, which was made up of parts of the old Woodstock and Carleton ridings, almost doubled previous Green party support in the area.

Other Carleton candidates in the 2014 provincial race were Jeremiah Clark for the NDP, who garnered 8.1 per cent and Steven Love for the People’s Alliance, who earned 2.4 per cent support.

The byelection became necessary when Alward accepted the federal appointment as consul general for Canada in Boston. Alward has served as MLA for the region since being first elected in 1999

In the media release, Clark indicated his interest in working on training and employment opportunities for young people in the advanced renewable energy technologies that are now rapidly developing.

As he stated in last October’s campaign, Clark again said in the press that he remains a strong supporter of redeveloping a local agriculture sector that produces food for the region. He says growing and marketing more locally produced food will advance prosperity and food security.

Sam Arnold, president of the Carleton 45 Riding Association, said a nomination meeting will be held in June when members of the Party will choose a candidate for the upcoming byelection.

The only other declared candidate for nomination for the pending byelection is Stewart Fairgrieve of Hartland.