All heat, no light: Green party leader calls for public inquiry on property taxes

Fredericton – David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick is calling on Finance Minister Cathy Rogers to initiate a public inquiry on restoring fairness to our property tax system.

“Sitting in the Legislative Assembly over the last three weeks I have heard the back and forth of my colleagues as each day brought forward some new injustice or mistake in property tax assessments for homeowners, landlords, small business owners, the City of Saint John and others,” said Coon. “The bickering back and forth has been heated, but all this energy has not cast light on a solution for New Brunswickers.”

In 2012, the Department of Finance published a White Paper on New Brunswick’s property tax system, concluding that ”Improving the fairness of the property tax system would require comprehensive reform.”

“We require an independent Commission of Inquiry, headed by a respected New Brunswicker, to develop recommendations that will bring the extensive reforms required to restore fairness to our property tax system,” said Coon.

“Today is the final day of sitting before the house adjourns for three weeks. New Brunswickers are looking for tangible action that will bring fairness to the property tax system. The Minister should announce her intend to establish the Commission of Inquiry today.”

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