A Sad Day for New Brunswick Forests

03 JUNE 2015

Fredericton – Today, the Government defeated Bill 13: An Act to Return to the Crown Certain Rights Relating to Wood Supply and Forest Management.

“I’m incredibly saddened with this government’s decision,” said David Coon, MLA Fredericton South, Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and sponsor of the bill. “This government has favoured industry over reclaiming its authority for managing Crown Lands and its ability to uphold its treaty obligations to First Nations.”

Despite widespread support for the bill from across the province, Coon was the only MLA to vote in favour of Bill 13.

“This bill will go no further, but we will not give up,” said Coon. “I will continue to stand up in defense of the forests, the people that depend on them for their livelihood and the indigenous peoples that never surrendered their title over them.”