Green Party Leader to Tour New Brunswick's New Economy

25 FEBRUARY 2013

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 Green Party Leader David Coon announced at a news conference today that he is launching a tour of the province to visit business, cooperative and social enterprises which are building a new economy in New Brunswick.

 "A new economy is growing the shell of the old unsustainable one," said David Coon, Green Party Leader. All across this province there are entrepreneurs, cooperatives, primary producers, artists and social innovators who are reshaping our economy into one that is more local, greener, less dependent on fossil fuels, and accessible to all. And it doesn't involve fracking or pipelines from the Alberta tar sands, he said."

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Health Care Reform Needed for Prescription Drug Plan

22 JANUARY 2013

The Green Party of New Brunswick has released a position paper on the proposed prescription drug plan saying it will only be affordable if Province's approach to primary health care is transformed.

 The annual costs of the existing public prescription programs have been growing at a greater rate than the other big areas of public health expenditures – hospital operations and physicians’ fees,” said Green Party Health advocate Jim Wolstenholme.   "So it is essential that collaborative health care teams be built around family doctors so they know their patients can be supported in making needed lifestyle changes, rather than being left to simply write prescriptions for them."

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Media Statement - EUB hearings on Point Lepreau

10 JANUARY 2013

Mr. Coon is an observer at the EUB hearings on Point Lepreau.

It is beyond belief that NB Power is claiming the refurbished nuclear power plant at Point Lepreau will operate trouble free for 27 years at 89% capacity. The operating history of CANDU reactors in general and Point Lepreau specifically makes the utility's claim amount to little more than magical thinking. Even AECL would only guarantee an 80% capacity before paying penalties to NB Power in the warranty for the refurbished Point Lepreau - which NB Power ripped up.

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End Poverty Now

20 DECEMBER 2012

The growing number of families who must avail themselves of food banks and charity this time of year to have a dignified Christmas is a sign that governments have abandoned their role of ensuring that everyone can live a dignified life year round, according to the Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick.  The Greens want the Alward government to stop downloading its responsibilities for the poor onto churches, voluntary organizations and philanthropists.

"Living in poverty is like being punished for a crime you didn't commitas the English writer Eli Khamarov famously wrote," said Green Party Leader David Coon. "It is time to stop punishing those living in poverty and put enough money into their hands to pay for housing, heat, power and groceries," said Coon. "I can't think of a better way to stimulate the economy."

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Statement by economists on NBs finances published in the Telegraph Journal

14 DECEMBER 2012

In a commentary published today in the Telegraph Journal, the heads of the Economics Departments from every university in New Brunswick, along with their colleagues, wrote that the best place to begin addressing the provincial deficits to restore the 2008 income tax rates. This reinforces the call the Green Party made on November 2nd for Finance Minister Blaine Higgs to restore the 2008 income tax rates, and a similar proposal made by the New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice.

Minister of Finance Blaine Higgs’ recent announcement that the provincial fiscal deficit will be about $356 million – twice as high as anticipated in his budget – sparked considerable comment. However, the effects of the reductions in personal income tax rates that were phased in between 2009 and 2011 have been largely ignored, although they put a large hole in the province’s finances.




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Green Party Wants Hearings on New Brunswick's Economic Future

12 DECEMBER 2012

Green Party Leader David Coon has written Premier David Alward to request that he establish a Select Committee to hold hearings across the province to hear from New Brunswickers how the emerging new economy can be encouraged. And the Green Party Leader is suggesting the leaders of parties not yet holding seats in the Legislature be invited to participate as"ex-officio" members so they might ask questions of witnesses and provide input into the committee report.

 "Ensuring sustainable livelihoods for New Brunswickers requires a new approach because our economy has fundamentally changed," said Green Party Leader David Coon. "There is a new economy growing within the shell of the old one.   It is primarily local and it is one where individuals are increasingly creating their own enterprises. To a very great extent, these initiatives are green. We need to learn how to best support those people who are already engaged in building the new economy, and encourage others to do the same," said Coon

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Green Party Leader to Seek Nomination to Run in Fredericton-Silverwood

11 DECEMBER 2012

Green Party Leader David Coon has announced that he will seek his party's nomination to run in the riding of Fredericton-Silverwood in the next general election.

"Our family has decided to move back to Fredericton after living for a number of years in rural New Brunswick. We will be returning to the City's west side where we had previously lived, which puts us squarely in the riding of Fredericton-Silverwood" said Green Party Leader David Coon. "It would be an honour to represent the people of Fredericton-Silverwood in the Legislative Assembly, and if nominated, I will work diligently to earn their support," said Coon.

It will be up to the Green Party’s Fredericton-Silverwood Riding District Association to set the date for a nomination meeting. “I hope it can happen early in the new year, but that decision rests with the RDA,” Coon added.

Coon's wife Janice Harvey is a lecturer at St. Thomas University and PhD candidate at UNB.   They have two teenage daughters.

Leaders' Courtesies are the First Step to Democratic Reform

06 DECEMBER 2012

Green Party Leader David Coon, and the leaders of the other three parties yet to win a seat in the Legislative Assembly have been extended courtesies by the Legislative Administrative Committee sought by Mr. Coon.

An area of the public gallery has been set aside as designated seating for the four leaders. They will all be permitted to use their mobile devices and will be issued security passes to the Legislative Assembly. These are the same courtesies extended to Executive Assistants working for cabinet ministers.

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Green Party Releases Strategy for Community-Based Health Care Reform

22 NOVEMBER 2012

Today at a news conference in Fredericton, Green Party leader David Coon and the party's health advocate, Jim Wolstenholme released their recommendations for reforming health care in New Brunswick.

The Green Party wants to see most New Brunswickers served by community-based collaborative care teams, working with their family doctors, within five years. The Greens are calling on the newly appointed Minister of Health Hugh John Flemming to make this objective his number one priority and treat it with the urgency it deserves.

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Green Party Wants Publicly Run Climate Change Insurance Program

16 NOVEMBER 2012

Green Party Leader David Coon is calling on Premier David Alward to establish public disaster insurance to cover the costs of damage from climate change. "As climate change creates increasingly more severe weather in New Brunswick, private insurance companies will decline to cover the resulting damages. It is imperative that government establish insurance coverage for those living in areas of the province at greatest risk of damage from climate change," said David Coon, the Green Party leader.

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