Fredericton Grand Lake



Dan Weston is a lifelong political activist in the Fredericton Area, From the Anti-War movement and the Anti-Nuclear Movements of the 1960’s and 70’s to the formation of the Anti-Poverty organization in 1983 continuing to present day. 

Dan has years of experience helping Homeless and working poor/unemployed as well as offering aid such as furniture and household necessities to those fleeing abuse. He has also helped those who are newcomers to the country and as well those who have lost their homes in natural disasters. 

Dan has also been a Proponent of progressive politics for many years. “The Green Party is the most progressive party available in New Brunswick, they think outside the box. We need to face climate change and the challenges that come with it and we need new kinds of thinking” says Weston

Dan has previously run in the riding of Fredericton-Grand Lake in the 2014 election as well as running for the NDP in the riding of York South in 1982.

He has been married to Melynda Jarrett for 25 years and lives in a small house in Fredericton.



Our Principles

>Living within Our Ecological Means

A culture of cooperation, caring and understanding is essential to ending violence in our society. Rehabilitation rather than vengeance must be the goal of our justice system.

> Local Self-Reliance

We must have the opportunity and the responsibility as citizens to contribute to the common good, which requires that all have the capacity to participate in community life.

> Real Democracy

Everyone must have equal access to the necessities of life and be treated with dignity and respect. Treaties with First Nations must be honoured.

> Social Justice and Equality

We must be able to participate in decisions that affect our lives and be guaranteed that our votes are reflected in the make-up of the Legislative Assembly.

> Active Citizenship

Our communities should be in control of their own destinies, supported by strong local economies, and sustained by local sources of food and renewable energy.

> A Culture of Peace and Respect

We must live within the ecological limits of the Earth, while meeting our needs without threatening our children's future or the survival of other species.

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